ProField Sales Manager

Profield Sales Manager is an iPad based sales ordering and merchandising application for your Sales Reps. If you are in the wholesale business and have mobile sales force - this is your best tool .

Available on subscription, which means you can start using this powerful tool with just a small initial investment

Application integration, this means it will become an extension to your current systems, further improving sales productivity and reducing the cost of sales.

Profield Sales Manager is highly customisable software which can be easily adjustable to match you current processes and special requirements

Key functionalities are:

Order Placement

  • Building an on-site order by browsing product categories or searching product by part number or description
  • Showing product images
  • Accessing customer specific prices
  • Up to date stock availability
  • Built-in flexibility to enable you to specify any additional product information you find necessary:RRP, minimal order etc
  • On-site access to the sales history by product and customer
  • Recording customer’s signatures
  • Immediate availability of an order at your warehouse
  • On-site viewing customer balances and any other relevant information

Organising and recording sales activities:

  • Automated run sheet generation
  • Recording every customer visit not just orders
  • On site quotes building
  • Office requests, like :sales reps samples
  • Build-in maps to optimise sales rep travel routes
  • Reporting to make better business decisions

Sales Manager is a native iPad application giving you:

  • Network availability independence.
  • Operational speed.
  • Greater user experience.
  • Unlimited access to iPad resources

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