ProField Job Manager

ProField Job Manager is a field service solution that allows your field workers to access your back office systems for improved service quality and productivity. Whether its job guidance, service address or billing details, real-time data is available to your workers while they are on the road.

Perfect for all service jobs such as electrical, water, power, and repairs, ProField Job Manager will ensure your service workers arrive on-site in a timely manner and are equipped with the right information to get the job done.

How it works

ProField Job Manager connects your field workers to your office systems via various devices such as laptops, mobiles and PDA's. Mobile staff receives new tasks created by head office administration that can then be automatically quoted or invoiced, depending on the stage of the service call. The field worker can also add comments and capture a signature from the customer.

Allowing your field workers to process service-related information on-site, data is sent back to base so that you have greater visibility of job status and progress at individual, job and hourly level.

Offering seamless integration to many existing software packages such as accounting and scheduling systems, ProField Job Manager has the flexibility to be easily customized to your individual business requirements.

  • Fully customisable
  • Easily integrated to existing systems
  • Fully customisable which allows exact mirroring of business processes
  • Easy to use and operate with minimal training requirements
  • Secure data transmissions and storage